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Bathroom Dread to Bathroom Dream

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Bathroom cleaning is the household job that most people dread. It can seem daunting and many people don't know where to start.

This how to guide will simplify the process and make it a dream to stay on top of this chore.

What Do You Need

At Dapper Class we love using Norwex product. Not only are these products environmentally friendly and therefore safe for your family, they are also extremely easy to use, meaning the job will take less time.

  • Blue Diamond is one of Norwex most versatile tools, both concentrated and diluted. (Prepare a diluted spray bottle of blue diamond for sanitizing surfaces)

  • Norwex Descaler is great for removing soap scum and lime build up, leaving your surfaces sparkling

  • Norwex Cleaning Paste quickly and easily removes caked-on dirt and grime to get surfaces clean, with minimal effort.

  • Enviro Cloth is a super-absorbent microfiber at 1/200th the size of a human hair. picking up dust particles and trapping them in the cloth rather than spreading dust around. Containing BacLock they have the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface.

  • Norwex Window Cloth provide a high quality streak free shine easily.

  • Norwex Bathroom Mit a handy tool for scrubbing down shower walls and bath. (if the Norwex Bathroom Mit is unavailable where you are the Kitchen Scrub Cloth will also work)

  • Norwex Mop is an easy to use and effective cleaning tool with a variety of attachments to suit most floor types.

Where to Start

Preparation is key to cleaning bathrooms. Start with the areas that are hardest to clean Such as the shower, bath and toilet.

  1. Shower and Bath Prep - Wet the surfaces of your shower and/or bath and then spray down with Norwex Descaler. Be careful to get the descaler into corners and your shower head where the majority of grime will build up. (Stand back and let the descaler do the work for you)

  2. Toilet Prep - Squirt a line of concentrated blue diamond around the rim of your toilet, then use your toilet brush to spread the blue diamond around your toilet bowl.

  3. Counter Tops - Start by clearing everything off your counter tops. (this will make it quicker to clean and will ensure a more through clean) Then spray down your counter tops using plenty of diluted blue diamond. Using your enviro cloth wipe towards the sink so that all dust can be washed down the sink. [For a deeper clean an old toothbrush can be used around the drain and any tight edges where your cloth can't reach]

  4. Mirrors and fixtures - Polishing is easy with Norwex. Wipe your mirror or fixture with a damp enviro cloth. (don't use too much water/ alternatively you can spray the mirror with a light mist) Then working down from the top and in to all the edges use your window cloth to remove any residue and leave behind a sparkling streak free surface. (remember not to miss the underside of your taps as you polish. That,s where most of the dirt is)

  5. Toilet - (Now that you have prepared you toilet it will be much easier and a little less gross to clean.) Using toilet paper and blue diamond, start from the top and work your way down. Start with the cistern, toilet seat and base of the toilet. Throw the toilet paper into the toilet and get a new piece. Next lift the lid and wipe the lid and seat. Repeat the process with the underside of the seat and the rim of the bowl.

  6. Shower- (showers and baths are very similar in cleaning method. Start from the top and work your way down) Wet the surface and spray with diluted blue diamond. using your shower mit wipe down the walls and surfaces. scrub the underside of the shower head and then wipe the shower base with your mit. For any heavy deposits on the walls or base, rub the cleaning paste into a paste with your mit and apply to the surface. (Norwex cleaning paste will remove deposits with ease but does not sanitize surfaces. your blue diamond will do this for you) [once again for a deeper clean an old toothbrush can be used around the drain and any tight edges where your cloth can't reach] to clean your shower doors follow the polishing method outlined in step 4. I recommend using a damp enviro cloth for this job so that you can remove any soap scum before polishing.

  7. Bathroom Floors - The Norwex Mop is an amazing tool for cleaning hard floors. Mop around the edges from the furthest point toward the door, then move the Mop in a figure 8 pattern, keeping the leading edge of the mop forward at all times. This keeps all the dust on the same side of the mop.

Now you bathroom is sparkling clean and I'm sure you were surprised how easy it was. Regularity is key with bathroom cleaning. The more often you clean your bathroom the easier it will be. Having the right tools and a quick easy method to follow your bathroom will now be the dream to clean that it should be.

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